Museum of old computer cables.

I get that there are collectors for just about anything, old toys, clothes, and baseball cards. I do not collect anything of much value. I just can’t throw away old computer cables because I keep thinking I will need one. Some people though are just off the weirdo chart when it comes to collections. I googled the weirdest collections in the world, and I was slightly disturbed by some of them. One lady has over 3000 miniature chairs, what? Another person has 8,650 different water bottle labels. Another guy has close to a thousand umbrella covers. There is, of course, the customary collection of belly button lint and toenail clippings but come on, traffic cones and Airline barf bags? Look I am no judge of what is collectible or what is not I just don’t get what makes someone choose the things they do to start keeping. Most of these are not sick like collecting clowns or dolls, and yes those people are out there. And I am sure more than a few will show up on that hoarder’s show, but hey, if it isn’t hurting them or others I guess it shouldn’t matter what they decide is of value to them. Perhaps when I am older, I can open a museum of classic computer cables to show off technology which is no longer in use, or start selling them on eBay to all the folks still using ten to twenty year old computers.

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