My Momma and Daddy said….

Did your Mom and or Dad have sayings that they used over and over again? Mine did. You know what I mean, things like “you better wear clean underwear incase you get in an accident”, Or the “go clean behind your ears!”. Never mind that if you are in a bad accident the first thing your body does is eject everything from your bowels. Where did these come from? WHo was the first mom to tell of the importance of underwear? I doubt it came up before we could reach speeds of 30 or 40 miles per hour. My dad had a thing about my elbows being dirty, and I think that the reason they looked dirty was because there was no skin left on them to look clean. Of course years later a bubble started growing on my leg and they had to go in and take out a piece of gravel. They said I probably got as a kid and it imbedded under my skin for all those years . Well I know today that I won’t get any bubbles forming on my elbows, thanks to my Dad!

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