There’s no place like home!

I will just admit it now, I have a few quirks. Some of them show up when I travel. Things that make me feel just a little off when staying somewhere that is not my home. First one is, I can’t stand bed and breakfasts. I do not want to share with the hosts who are usually colorful characters who love to share and hear all about you. I don’t want to share, especially a bathroom down the hall with all the other guests in the hundred-year-old home that has floors that creak anytime you move. I like the anonymity of a hotel, but there are things that bug me about them as well. There is always the curtain that leaves a crack down the middle so you can see flashes of people walking by. I always wonder if they can see in the room. Of course looking to see me sitting on the bed flick the tv channels would be so exciting(sarcasm included). This is only a problem if your room in on the main walkway where everyone has to traverse to get to their room. Then there are the wonderful guests who assume everyone is still awake at 1 am and so carry on a lengthy conversation just outside your room. Hey, buddy, I did not stay till the bar closed, and I want to get to my conference tomorrow with a few hours of sleep. That is what your room or the lobby are for. That and a stranger coming in to clean the room when I am gone always make me glad to get back home no matter how great the trip. At home, my toothpaste and the unmade bed are just like I left them. I find comfort in that.

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