Shall we play a game?

This morning the movie War Games was on cable. It came out in 1983, and it was, at the time, trying to show some state of the art computers. The computers are all dial-up, green screen and five and a half inch floppy disks. The computer used by Matthew Broderick’s character even had toggle switches. I have no idea what those switches were for, but it sure looked high tech. In the world of technology so much has changed since 1983. Computers were complicated and very technical and not very user-friendly. They show NORAD full of computers. I bet my iPhone has more capability than that whole room. I have to say the old computers, or at least the fake ones in this movie, had a lot of pretty lights. Yeah, I can watch the whole movie on my phone, and I don’t need an entire mountain of people to push buttons to find out where a plane is in the sky. I do wonder thou, where this all ends up. Where will technology end up, is there an end? Will they implant computers into our bodies or just plug us in like the matrix? Eventually, there will be no more high technology everything will finally reach some theoretical limit. I have no idea what that technology will be, I just hope just like war games and many other movies, the final use will be to the betterment of us all instead of what most predict or assume.

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