Remember the Alamo or something like that!

cal-0814-cl2-russia-19I sometimes wonder about the guys who were at the Alamo. Did they know they were going to fail? We know the outcome but when they were watching the Mexican army coming forward were they saying to themselves, “We can do this!” The reason I was thinking about this today is I have a project which should have started a year ago, but it has come down to the last three weeks and I have no choice but to attempt to get it done. As I sat in the meeting this morning, some are optimistic some are cautious and me, I feel defeated! We have come up with the best plan possible but it seems like spitting into the wind at this point. The truth is I have no option but to charge forward and pray for the best. The guys involved have done their best all that is left is the doing! No one will look back at this like the Alamo as a great moment, all of us involved will try to forget it as quickly as possible. My problem is that if we are successful, they will want us to pull something off like that again. If we are not, we won’t learn any lessons that will help us in the future. Everything will go on as if it never happened. At least at the Alamo they slowed down the army, I am not sure my project could stop an ant!

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