Running the car dealership gauntlet!

cal-icons2-201408-117Taking my care to the dealership seems like such an ordeal. My wife’s car had a recall, so I called the dealer and made an appointment to take it in. I arrived right when they opened this morning but apparently so did everyone else. The lobby was full of people reading books or talking on the phone I suppose going to wait on their car to be fixed. I was waiting for the shuttle driver who would, of course, tell me about his life and about my work since he knew about the company. I guess it is better than sitting in silence but it always seems awkward. The part that I dread is the call about noon. I fear they will call me and tell me a wonderful story about how our car hasn’t had some sort of upgrade or service it really needs and how they are having a special today on undercoating or some service that I neither want or really need. I will feel guilty that I don’t do everything recommended for our car, at least, that is if the service advisor does his job as he has been trained. I will tell them how I will think about it, code for “not going to happen” then try and get off the phone as quickly as I can. Hopefully, the afternoon driver is a different person. That way I get a different life story! That will ease me through the dealership gauntlet.

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