Should I upgrade?

This is always the question? You have a computer, it is working ok. Something new comes out, should you upgrade? I get asked this by customers all the time. Some people it is a tax thing, that makes sense. Why let the government have it if you can write it off? Some people it is a technology envy thing. I want to always have the latest and greatest so I will upgrade. I get that some what since I love tech as well. then there is the bulk of users who have no idea if they should or shouldn’t get something new, or even worse switch from one platform to another! I usually ask these people a few questions before I give them an answer.

1. Is your computer not doing something you need it to do? A lot of times I find out that they should have asked me to fix something a month ago, instead they have limped along with the computer not working right. If your computer is broken, just get it fixed don’t replace it!

2. Is the computer or server in some cases, not able to handle the work? sometimes it is just adding hardware or reconfiguring services, but sometimes it is time to get a newer one. Moore’s Law may be true for you.

3. Do you have the stomach to handle the change? At some point you won’t be able to still get your work done. That is when you have to change if you wait too long you will have to upgrade everything. Software, hardware, possibly printers and other devices. If you work on a every four-year cycle of change, you can manage when you replace things instead of it being dictated by outside forces. Then again if just want to rip off the band-aid no one is stopping you!

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