Spring has sprung!

Spring, it is a magical thing. Winter is good, snow and cold can be a time to close everyone in and sit by the fire or read good books while you wait for better weather. Spring is the time when we start getting restless. We start to see the opportunity to be outside and enjoy the sun. In Colorado it can fool you as well. Yesterday while walking in Garden of the Gods park I got a little sun then I got a blizzard in my face. By the time we got to house it was back to sunshine. Life is kind of like spring. Every time I get comfortable warm and cozy it calls me outside, and when I am running as if I don’t have a care, it reminds me I should. I would say life is like a box of chocolates but really, these days they put what is in the box on the back so you don’t have to guess. Gods plan always amazes me and leaves me scratching my head. Just when I think I understand, something happens that I just don’t get. I heard someone put this in a term that I could comprehend. They said if life was predictable and steady there would be no need for faith. Some see the un-understandable and see it as a reason not to believe in God. I see it and it makes me fall to my knees in reverence.

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