Stop the Politically Correct feeding frenzy!

cartoons_10036413-032114We have officially lost our collective minds. When did everyone start thinking that we had to agree with everyone else? The politically correct craziness is causing our country to stand on a cliff of stupidity and if we jump we may not be able to come back from it! Yesterday looked like a feeding frenzy of piranha running to destroy all mention of the civil war and the confederacy like it was a juicy fish! I do understand that the shooting in Charleston was pure evil, and the confederate flag has been used as a symbol of hate, but we cannot cleanse our country of everything that offends. We should have learned from the years of prohibition that making something illegal does not change people’s minds about it. If we keep going in this direction we are going to end up like the dystopias we see in popular movies lately, everyone wearing gray and no deviation. I for one will not go along with this, and I tell you now, you are free to disagree with me. You are even allowed to hate the things I believe in. I will not try to ban you or even be offended, thou I may try to discuss it with you and try to convince you of my beliefs. I am a Christian and I believe that God wants you to be part of His family! I do not believe that I can force you to be a Christian, I do hope that I can convince you! However, if you choose not to be a Christian I will not like you any less. I also hope that you afford me the same respect. As long as we respect each other I think we, and our country have a chance!

1 thought on “Stop the Politically Correct feeding frenzy!

  1. Bob,
    Give it up bro. People are dancing I the streets because the SCOTUS has just corrected God on the definition of marriage. I agree 100% with your observation, but it is a forgone conclusion. This is not the same country we grew up in, and never will be again. Sorry to break it to ya bro.

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