It is time!

Today is the day! We are past the holidays. The kids are all back to school, and it seems most of the treats at work have been consumed. Thou I have been eating like I was pregnant or something since Thanksgiving it is now time to start my diet over again. I stepped on the scale this morning, gasped at the damage and then proceeded to eat a lot less for breakfast. So I will break out the calorie counting app, dust off the treadmill and start the process of getting back to where I need to be. I know, the yo-yo thing is not good for me. I also know that it would be better if I just didn’t over eat during the holidays. Let’s be real; it is just not possible to not over eat some, yeah I could be better to limit the damage, I have been better in years past, but this year there were other things going on at the same time, and it just added up quickly. Well, the good news is I am starting, and I waited till everyone else was already off their diet to start. That way it is not going to be a failed resolution thing. The bad news is, It will probably take me to next Thanksgiving to get back down to my ideal weight, just in time to start the gaining game all over again!

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