Traveling angels!

I had a rough time getting home the end of last week from a conference. The airline got us all on the plane, made us sit there for an hour before we were taken off and told the plane was broken and a new one would come in five more hours. Which meant I didn’t get to connect to the next leg of my trip that night, so the airline had to put me up in a hotel for the evening. My luggage didn’t show up, so I had to wait for them to find it. While waiting another passenger came up to the counter looking for her luggage which had not shown up as well. She was an older woman, and what I was to find out, she had no business traveling alone. At this point, the story becomes very complicated, but the short version is I got to be her assistant from the counter to the taxi to getting her in the door of her hotel room. All this was happening at 3 am so it wasn’t when I was at my finest, but I did what was needed to get her safe in her room. I doubt that this lady would be able to tell anyone who I was or remember that someone helped her but it doesn’t matter to me, I am just glad that I got to be her angel for a few hours. She was trying to get to her family due to a sudden death. Who knows if she would have made it without help, and I am not saying I was the only one who could have helped her, I am just glad God put me there to be the help she needed. It is one of the wonders of how God works and one of my favorites things to be able to do. To be in the right place and willing to be used when he asks!

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