A viral video idea!

baby-glyph-icon_zktjn3IuSo I had some time to kill while waiting on someone for lunch. I decided to walk into the Apple Store and browse. I did glance at the watches as I walked by but stopped and was stunned at the various devices you can get to connect to your iPhone. A light bulb which can change colors which is controlled by your phone. A heart rate monitor and blood pressure cup which will send all the data to your phone so you can track it, door locks and scales just to name a few. My absolute favorite was the thermometer. Not an outside temperature kind but a, find out how sick your kid is thermometer. Maybe it is just my weird brain but, I smiled and remembered the time when one of my children was very little and they had a diaper explosion all over me. I imagined I was using the iPhone connected thermometer and just what would have happened to my phone. I don’t know if that device is a big seller but I would suggest to anyone who is going to use it to also turn on the video at the same time. If anything goes wrong you will have a viral video to post like no other.

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