Getting our self worth from a Facebook quiz.

Big QuestionHave you seen all the surveys popping up on Facebook lately? These things want you to find out what character you are in your favorite movie or your intelligence quota or even what words you use say where you are from. These are great time wasters, I have spent hours finding out I am Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings and I think I should live in the Atlanta area! Many of my friends have taken these and I am sure that if they turned out in some way they like they have shared with all of us the results. The problem with these is that they are as thin as single ply toilet paper. We take them and if they give us some result which is flattering we like them, if it doesn’t we remember that it is just a stupid Facebook time waster thing. We should regard all the results from these, and for those of us who are a little older, the old magazine quizzes as nothing more than a distraction from what we should really be doing. It can be fun to be associated with one of your favorite characters or feel a momentary boost from your intelligence quota (whatever that means) just don’t let it distract you from real self-evaluation and improvement.

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