Yeah, I am not feeling it today!

Ever feel like someday they are going to replace you with a robot? Well, today feels like the day for me. I get an email from Amazon which tells me about things that are new and exciting. So today’s had a few things I was interested in learning more about one in particular. It is a Wireless Button Pusher. Yes, you or your boss can now complete the task of clicking OK, by remote. It reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer finds out he can work from home if he gets obese. He eventually becomes too tired even to push the button on the computer he is supposed to be monitoring, so he puts one of those glass birds filled with liquid to tip over and hit the button for him. Now the bird isn’t even necessary, just hit a button from somewhere over the internet and the job is done. Maybe this could be used to click one of those one click Amazon order buttons to have cookies or soap show up at my door. I think the only thing holding up my replacement is shipping, or perhaps they need a button that can smile or have a good attitude. That button’s invention might be a little farther away. So maybe I am safe for now!

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