Who am I

BobI always wanted to be a writer, but I stink at it. My goal with this blog is to get better at writing. I have seen this quote a million times and it says “Writers write” I have no idea who said it but to me it has always meant that you need to do it and do it often to get better. So here is the plan. I am trying to write every other day Monday, Wednesday and Friday short, under 500 word blog posts to see if I can be creative and spontaneous and hopefully get better over time. So I apologize in advance for what my daughter says is ”a lot of nothing”! I hope one day all this “Nothing” leads to a book which has been raddling around in my brain for years or it may lead to more nothing, only time will tell!

I currently work for a large non-profit in the IT department as a manager. I have worked as a military contractor, owned my own IT business and other non-profits. I also run Need Project Inc. small non-profit dedicated to helping parent of children and adults with special needs.

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