Thank you!

thanksWow, I just was thinking of a topic for today’s blog when I decided to look back and see if I had already written about that topic. This is when I realized I have been writing this thing for over a year! November 21st of last year was my first blog, that is just crazy! I started this to get better at writing. I need to be more consistent and better at everything about writing for the other project I run Need Project. I can now tell you it has been a blast! Not only have I really enjoyed it but the comments I have gotten from some of you have been priceless. Sticking my life out there is not one of my strong suits, I love to work on tasks, I have referred to myself as a hammer in search of a nail, sitting down every day and work to better a craft isn’t my nature. That being said, it has made all the other things I am working on that much better and I wanted to take this moment and thank those of you who have read this blog. Keep the feedback coming and I hope it will only get better as I get better at this thing!